EICRI BRUSSELS – EICRI has learned that Sudan, Oman, Morocco, and Qatar will most likely sign the Abraham Accords in the coming weeks. 

Arround 800 officials, diplomats, politicians and guests attended the signing of the so called “Abraham Accords” in Washington, D.C., in september to normalize relations between the United Arab Emirates, and Israël. A great deal of the attendees also attended or constructed the Oslo Accords, a barrage of agreements signed in the early 1990’s to unite the Palestinian factions in order to create the Palestinian Authority.

Two groups of diplomats from Sudan and Oman grabbed our attention at the last meeting in Washington, mainly because we expect these two countries to sign the Accords soon. Sudan and Oman could be the fourth and fifth Arab country to normalize ties with Israël. Morocco, and Qatar are ‘logical candidates’ to follow the actions of the -frontrunners in the coming months says former US Ambassador to Yemen Gerald M. Feierstein.

They could become the seventh and eight country in the MENA-region to normalize ties with Israel after Jordan, Egypt, 


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