London, Milan, Amsterdam, Paris. Just some of the highly anticipated cities to go by in by the Arab elite from the Gulf countries.

During the Holy month of Ramadan, a phenomenom known as the “Ramadan Rush” takes place in several European countries and shopping-city magnets like Paris, and London.

London and Paris are attractive destinations for visitors from the Gulf due to the favourable currency exchange rates, especially after the BREXIT-debacle.

The International shoppers their significant contribution to the European retail secrot represents a major opportunity for those merchants and bussinesses who target these people correctly. In order to get familiar with the Arabian culture, retailers are massively getting trained by (personal) coaches in cultural diversity.

Traditionally, the Eid Al Fitr holiday, expected to fall at the beginning of June this year, marks the start of visitors heading to to escape the intense heat of the Gulf summer. Thus Gulf-based retailers are concentrating efforts on capturing full-price sales before customers leave.

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