EICRI hosts scholars and experts in a wide variety of topics. Our main topics of expertise are listed below. Research and/or publications explore many contemporary issues ranging from Society to Islamophobia. Please don’t hesistate to contact us if any questions arise.


Society, culture and leisure

EICRI advises organisations by developing effective strategies, planning sustainable leisure facilities and procuring successful leisure operational partnerships.

Councils, developers, schools, universities, sports clubs and trusts choose us to support them in transforming their facilities and services, saving many millions in (public) funding and increasing participation through reaching wider, more diverse sections of the community.


Politics and public opinion

Once our clients have experience of working with EICRI, they often stick with us, establishing a long-term relationship built on trust and shared values. Exactly what is needed to connect with the right influence in politics and to alter public opinion where needed.

Religious (Islamic)

Our consulting team is exceptional: dedicated, innovative and highly experienced. These are the kind of people you need alongside you in a challenging, politically and religiously sensitive and results-driven environment.

We have a proud track record of challenging and shaping sector thinking, and we continue to campaign on the issues we care about. Since 2001, many things have changed for the worse for the Muslim communty in Western-Europe. Our projects are therefore aimed at turning the downward spiral into a positive one.

EICRI is now firmly established as the leading in the European-Islamic sector with an unrivalled reputation for quality, integrity and innovation.

If you’d like to find out more and explore how we can help you, contact us.

(Islamic) Charity organisations in

Islamic Charity and filantropical organisations in are booming. Thanks to our expertise and connections with the leading organisations -which do not only serve Europe but also the MENA-region-, don’t look any further to find your investment partner or new project lauches.


EICRI supports the launch of an objective curriculum at schools regarding and Muslims. We supply schools, teachers and other educational organisations with the materials they need in order to achieve our goals for a better understanding of Islam and Muslims.

Employment market study

Germany, the UK and the Netherlands are the world’s leading countries regarding the agricultural, aviation, automotive and civil hydraulic engineering sectors. Looking for the best solicitors? Count on us for that.

Financial and services

The financial and business (Halal and organic) services sector is a major source of jobs and a significant contributor to economic growth for Europe. We are supporting the financial and services industry so that it continues to grow and strengthen the economies of the EMEA-region. We achieve this by: engaging with industry through the Financial Services Advisory Board (FiSAB) providing business support through financial services and to explore overseas opportunities.

Media and media agencies

Media is power. Control the media and you’ll be able to control the view expressed by the locals about your religion, country or company. EICRI is connected to the main (Islamic) influencers and media institiutes in Europe. With over 20 years’ experience managing media for a broad range of companies, we have developed our own proven concept of reaching your goal.

Telecom, TV and internet

Launching a Television channel throught the sattelite platform or the internet requires the best knowledge available at the moment. With our connections -both in the /Dubai Media City areas and Playout-centres in Western Europe-, rely on us to set up your dream in the sky. Contact us for inquiries about all our TV and internet services.

Defense and security

In the years since the 9/11 attacks, the global security and defense environment has been in great flux. New actors in conflict, advancements in technology and new modes of warfare are changing our understanding of national security and defense capabilities in the evolving context of the 21st century. We examine the future defense needs and priorities, the challenges of military transformation and new defense strategies.

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