EICRI’s Islamic Investment project

Because European-Islamic organisations dependance on foreign funds is at it’s highest peak ever…

EICRI’s Islamic Investment project was brought to life in order to support a wide variety of Islamic projects in the West. From Mosques to Television Channels and from Islamic Centres to projects which defend the Islamic identity of muslims living in the West. Investments with a minimum amount of USD $10.000 (€9500) will find their best way via our -experts.

Thanks to our network almost every desired project of choice can be selected. Compared to conventional non-Islamic investors, we charge just a fraction with fees ranging from 0,29 to 1% (with a minimum of USD $1.000).


A glimpse of our current projects

Building of mosques

Islamic Centres

The first Dutch speaking Islamic TV channel studio:

Level of Influence:

Global Diversification

Connecting our clients with ethical Islamic investments across the globe…


We provide institutional level


We pride ourselves upon complete transparency. All transactions are displayed in an open ledger system to ensure transparency.


All our investment projects are cherry-picked to saveguard the highest quality output. Our platform is reviewed by our ethical review board which is comprised of Islamic and ethical scholars.

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