EICRI’s Code of Conduct

Conflict of interest

WHEREAS, the Board of Trustees of EICRI Institute has determined that it is in the best interest of EICRI Institute to establish and maintain conflict-of-interest rules that safeguard institutional integrity; and WHEREAS, EICRI Institute intends to authorize the taking of all appropriate action in connection with maintaining and enforcing its conflict-of-interest rules.

Other funds

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, as follows: RESOLVED, EICRI Institute may not accept funds, directly or indirectly, from the clients except as payment for standard Institute publications, software, or other information services, whether in print or electronic format, at EICRI Institute’s prices, provided to all parties in the contract.

Own stock

FURTHER RESOLVED, No EICRI Institute employee may work or consult for, own stock in, or receive payment or gifts from the client as defined below.

Other fees

Neither EICRI Institute nor its employees may accept speaking fees, travel funds for any purpose, entertainment, or other considerations that could possibly be construed, in EICRI Institute’s judgment, as influencing a study or compromising the judgment of the employee or the integrity of EICRI Institute except to comply with the clients request of fulfilling a job. Employees are expected to immediately disclose to their supervisors or our General Counsel any actual or implied act by an outside party to inappropriately influence EICRI Institute’s assessments, evaluations, judgments, or actions.

Family relations

FURTHER RESOLVED, Employees shall disclose whether their spouse and/or dependent is an officer, member, owner, shareholder, employee, or agent of a client. Any such disclosures shall be examined by EICRI Institute’s Conflict-of-Interest Committee to determine EICRI Institute’s response.

Tax returns

FURTHER RESOLVED, The federal income tax return of each EICRI Institute staff member shall be submitted to the Chief Financial Officer for review at the time of submission each year to the Belastingdienst (the Dutch and Belgium IRS) solely for the purpose of confirming that each employee has conformed to the Institute’s conflict-of-interest rule stated above. Tax returns shall not be copied or retained in any way. The information in the returns shall be confidential and disclosed to EICRI Institute management only to the extent necessary to ensure compliance with the conflict-of-interest rule stated above.

FInancial Records

FURTHER RESOLVED, The EICRI Institute welcomes examination of its financial records by any member of the community. Notwithstanding the provisions listed above, ownership of mutual funds, blind trusts, and similar investments in which the investor is insulated from participating in the fund’s investment decisions are excluded from the above mentioned prohibitions.

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