EICRI PARIS – Tensions flared in the French city of Dijon after a weekend full of unrest. Police sources said the unrest was sparked by an attack on a 16-year-old member of the Chechen community on June 10.

Chechens from all over Europe, especially Germany and Belgium, traveled to Dijon to support the Chechen diaspora in their countrymen. 

“What happened is unprecedented and unacceptable,” the city’s mayor, Francois Rebsamen, told AFP.

“None of you will have faith until he loves for his brother what he loves for himself.” [al-Bukhari]

Quite beautifully, this narration includes both Muslims and non-Muslims in relation to maintaining brotherhood. Imam an-Nawawi comments that here, our Prophet (saw) is directing us about dawah and how a believer should invite a non-believer to just how he loves Islam for himself. He continues, “For this reason, it is recommended to supplicate for the disbeliever to be guided. The meaning of love here is an intention for good and benefit, and this meaning is religious love, not human love.”

EICRI urges all sides to restrain from violence. is watching. The world is watching. While the whole world is fighting against racism and discrimination, the muslims that partake in the Dijon strikes are actively engaged in acts of racism against eachother.

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