About us

The European-Islamic and Research Institute (EICRI) is an organisation dedicated to shed a fair light on certain subjects connected to religion, social behaviour and society. EICRI pursues these unchanging ideals through independent thinking, many years of political and religious affinity with the society in Western-Europe, facts and the highest standards of research and exposition. We dedicate our work to a more prosperous and safer world.

EICRI is an independant, international, nonpartisan, not-for-profit institution dedicated to research and education on issues that hit us all. With more than eighty volunteer members from approximately twelve countries across four continents. These members represent the leading scientists and policy makers in our fields of interests. EICRI’s purpose is to serve governments, leaders and the public through research and education on the most important issues of the day. EICRI research is conducted through several primary research divisions: Economics, Middle-Eastern and Western relations, Policy, Politics and Public Opinion, Religion (with as our main subject), Society and Culture and many more.

Vision 2024

EICRI’s Vision 2024 encompasses a open-minded European society where every inhabitant sees another as their equal, regardless of their religion, race, gender or colour. We ought to achieve this goal by launching multiple  programs and projects throughout (Western) Europe.

EICRI’s integrity of independance

EICRI’s operatations and works are carried out by autonomous employees and experts. ​Our conflict-of-interest (click for the Code of Conduct) rules have been carefully developed to create an environment that maximizes objectivity, productivity, and integrity of process. All our staff’s income are verified by examining each employee’s federal income tax return. We go beyond the industry norm to ensure that you always receive an unbiased product or service.

Who we serve

Our more than 5,000 members and clients list includes governments, institutions, public and private payers, European federal and state government agencies, health clinics, lobbyists, policymakers, ministries, associations, and accrediting agencies worldwide. EICRI is your local guide for diplomatic Missions across the EU.

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At EICRI Institute, we take pride in being a place where theory and practice combine to produce the best products and services. Our staff is also bonded by a commitment to objectivity and to serving our members. Want to join EICRI? Visit our careers page.

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